Ranger Medical Handbook

A friend over at the Black Flag Cafe gave me a link to a really amazing and free web book. The Ranger Medical Handbook is available for download and reading at that link (http://www.scribd.com/doc/379468/Ranger-Medical-Handbook-2007). 

Dec. 19, 2007:  Link above is disabled; see comments below-

I was pretty impressed the book was for free and the person who gave me the link repsonded that it was ment to save lives and for everybody. How cool is that!?

The book, being a military manual, covers a lot of information on trauma and battle related injuries in a straight forward manner without any extra medical jargon. There are a lot of “tricks”, learned only from field providers, that are invaluable for rapid assement/treatment of trauma victims.

Suprisingly, there is a good section on general medicine and health for things such as GI problems, emergency health kits, joint infections, dental emergencies, etc. I just wanted to pass the link along!



5 Responses

  1. I think this link is down?

  2. It does appear the link is down. I will try to see what is going on. In the mean time, for a PDF of the file, e-mail me. My address is at my website:


  3. There was a follow-up to the post over at the Black Flag Cafe where I originally heard of this book.

    “Just an FYI to all. The Ranger Medic Handbook carries a civilian copyright and ISBN. The copy this links feeds to is a bootleg of a draft copy.

    Having copies is one thing. The publisher will pursue anyone who attempts to sell the handbook for personal gain.

    The publisher agreed with the Regiment that ALL proceeds are donated to wounded warrior foundations.

    That being said, if you see any low-life out there selling it then you know he is keeping money from our brothers and their families. There is one on eBay already – some guy named filmsdoc. He is a professional at downloading government documents and selling them on the whole public domain rule. The RMED HB is no longer public domain like your regular FM or TM.

    oh, and by the way….there have been changes and updates made since this bootleg draft escaped.”

    The link is no longer active, either. I still think this book is great and should be considered a terrific resource. If you have an opportunity to read the book, I highly suggest it.

  4. A reader was very kind enough to share this information with me, about where he was able to purchase a copy of this book. I really like the book and wanted to pass this link on:


    Only $30.00 and proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Fund. Still cheap at twice the price, if you ask me!

  5. Judging by the number of hits this post gets..why not give it a DIGG and share it with others looking for this awesome book!?


    You’re also helping me out, too! Thanks!

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