GMRS Expedition/Wilderness/Remote Medicine Course

Imagine yourself:– Packing a disaster medical clinic through the jungle to a remote
village after a hurricane…
– Lifting a patient – and a medic – 350′ straight up a sinkhole wall…
– Calling in a Medevac helicopter to base camp at 17,500’…
– Assuming command of an out of control science expedition team to
save it from itself…
– Managing critical patients for 3 days in a tent until they can be carried
off the mountain…
– Moving 1000 pounds of medical supplies 8000 miles through 3
countries, up 18,000 feet and back home again…

If this sounds cool to you, then you are going to love the new (and free) course put on by Global Medical Rescue Services Ltd.

The course centers around a 350 + page book that is sent to the student, via the internet, in sections, preventing an overload of information and flooding the in-box.

I have already signed up for it and cannot wait to begin!

Here’s that link, again:


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