Special Forces Medical Handbook

I am reading a very good remote medical book, called the US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook. This book is filled with loads of great remote medical info, without a lot of technical jargon or unwanted information. Topics covered include:

Basic infection control and wound care
Communicable disease
CPR and airways
Nutritional diseases
Gynecology and obstetrics
NBC issues
IV therapy and fluids
Emergency War Surgery
Veterinary medicine
Antibiotic therapy

After a bit of discussion, with the gang over at www.Wilderness-Survival.net, I learned about a really amazing page called: http://www.stevespages.com/page7c.htm that has a ton of military manuals available for free download!

The site has bandwidth issues, due to the download size of some files, so please only download and use manuals that will be actually read. Great resource and thanks to Rick over at www.safezonellc.com for the info!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip on the ARMY manuals online….hours of reading and very cool !

  2. […] subject of myth is the use of a cigarrette to kill the parasite.  One of my favorite books, the Special Forces Medical Handbook, discusses this method.  I certainly do not advise this method, as there are much better […]

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