Travel Clinics of America

I recently attended the AAFP Scientific Assembly in San Diego, where I met the team at Travel Clinics of America.  This is a new organization that assists physicians with starting or incorporating travel medicine consultations in their existing practices. 

This service/organization is preparing for it’s website release in the early part of 2009 but is currently looking for physicians that have an interest in adding travel medicine to their practice. 

I am obviously biased, with my passion for travel medicine, but feel that increasing public access to qualified travel medicine providers only helps people have a healthier and happier trip.  Isn’t that why we’re here?

For some more information on Travel Clinics of America:

Martin Alpert MD

malpert@travelclinicsofamerica or 866-855-5622

Dr. Alpert has also offered his mobile phone number: 440-725-7871


3 Responses

  1. Good :]

  2. […] View original here: Travel Clinics of America […]

  3. I know the people that created Travel Clinics of America, and they are great.

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