Thanks for including my writing!

I wanted to post a thank-you to the people on the web who are including some examples of articles I’ve written:

Grand Rounds is a very cool collection of medical related blogs, gathered into a nice and easy to read format.  Thanks to for including my post about Rock climbing and finger injuries!

Matador Travel is an on-line traveler community with loads of information for travelers, adventurers, travel writers and those who enjoy other cultures.  I am very happy they chose to publish an article I wrote about Malaria Vaccines and What Travelers Need to Know.

World Nomads is a travel and health insurance company specializing in international and extreme sport coverage.  Their blog, Travel Safety Hub, helps travelers stay safe.  I am very proud they included a post I made on Mosquitoes and Bite Prevention.

Happy Holidays to everybody and thanks for stopping by!


One Response

  1. If anybody deserves some credit for hard work and dedication to their writings, it is definitely you. I just recently left a link to your site on a major travel forum that was asking for travel medicine sites. I said yours was a cut above all the rest. Actually I think your PR of 4 is too low for how extensive your site is and should really be more like a 7. Perhaps just an SEO issue, but the content is there for certain. Then again you are probably already destined to be there soon!

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