ExpedMed Conference April 2009, San Diego

Dr. Bledsoe and the team at ExpedMed are gearing up for their next conference, April 1-4, 2009 in San Diego.  I was lucky enough to attend their last event, in Washington, DC and am very unhappy I have no more time-off to get to this new one!  Exped Med put on the best educational event I could imagine, dealing with expedition/travel/wilderness medicine.

The conference organizers have gone out of their way to enlist not only experts in their field but also very engaging and informative lecturers.  Topics range from treatment and prevention of specific diseases to medico-legal ramifications of being an expedition doctor.  Break-out sessions are also a wonderful way to interact with the instructors on a closer level and practice your hands-on skills.  Dr. Donner’s session on “improvisational wilderness skills” was simply amazing and makes you feel like your are in your own MacGyver episode!

The venue for the conference is very much a star attraction, as well.  The Hotel del Coronado(the Del) is located on Coronado Island, just off from San Diego.  I was born in San Diego and can tell you that this hotel is amazing!

If you are one of the unlucky ones that cannot make the ExpedMed San Diego conference, don’t despair!  Other upcoming ExpedMed events include:

  • August 17-21, 2009 conference in Washington DC
  • June 12-25, 2009 climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro CME
  • February 20-March 3rd, 2010 Antarctica Expedition CME

Anybody looking to gain more knowledge about travel, wilderness and expedition medicine should attend one of these events.  The ability to meet with practitioners of this medical speciality and trade tips and ideas is a wonderful bonus of the lectures from world renowned faculty.

To learn more about ExpedMed and register for an upcoming conference or CME trip visit: http://www.expedmed.org/

Also, if you register for the San Diego event before Feb. 27th, you’ll get an Exofficio shirt and copy of Dr. Bledsoe’s textbook on expedition medicine!


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