Amazon Promise and Medical Expedition to South America!

www.AmazonPromise.orgThe group over at really does some amazing work.  Not only do they offer wonderful opportunities for medical care to their remote patients but their medical staff/volunteers get to go on the trip of a lifetime! 

I received an e-mail from a contact there and wanted to share it with those who read this site:

“We are short 1 to 2  volunteers for a remote trip to the Pastaza River area that is going to take place October 24-November 7.  If you have a group email of like minded individuals would you mind sharing this with them?  This is one of the indigenous areas we visit and is with the Achuar tribe.  Travel will be by plane, helicopter and boat after reaching Iquitos.  It is really quite something to go on one of these trips.  Here is a video from a trip I took to visit the Awajun tribe in February:

If this trip does not look exciting, rewarding and adventurous…I do not know what does!


One Response

  1. Im sure this is exciting. Congratulations to those who can go. And bless your hearts for volunteering your time, money and life for this project!

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