Adventure Doc

Adventure Doc  is medical company that specializes in travel, expedition and remote medical solutions.  We specialize in the healthcare of travelers, adventurers and expeditions…worldwide.  We offer a wide range of services and you can learn more about the clinic by visiting our website: or send us an e-mail at  From pre-travel consults to having your private expedition doctor travel with you on your trip…We Keep you healthy for life’s adventures!


Adventure Doc Clinic

  • Pre travel Counseling

Analysis of health risks for your personal trip including prevention of illness and what to do should you get sick. Our services center on prevention of illness and ways to be a healthy traveler. Your unique needs are discussed and your destinations are analyzed for potential risks you might face. We are able to provide prescription medications that your unique itinerary may benefit from, as well as vaccines that might be needed. Visit our Pre-travel consult page

  • Vaccination and Immunizations

Adventure Doc Clinic can check your personal immunization history and analyze illnesses you might be at risk for, with your upcoming trip. Once these illnesses have been identified, we can provide vaccines and immunizations to help keep you healthy. The vaccines we offer can be seen here

  • Post travel Counseling

Travelers sometimes return home sick from their adventures. Our clinic specializes in helping diagnose and treat these illnesses. Often, typical primary care doctors do not have specialized knowledge in tropical medicine or travel related illnesses. We do. For information on Post-Travel Consults

  • Malaria prevention/treatment

Travelers and adventurers to tropical areas often have to deal with malaria. We specialize in analyzing your risk and helping decide what types of medications might be used to help prevent this illness. The Adventure Doc Clinic stocks our own pharmacy of anti-malarial medications, available to our travelers.

  • Immunization certificates

Certain countries may require proof of vaccination before being allowed to visit. The Adventure Doc Clinic can provide the vaccines and proper proof that you have received them.


Adventure Doc Accompaniment

  • Healthcare provider accompaniment

Some travelers or expeditions want to be accompanied by a healthcare provider, while on their trip. We can provide this service, ranging from the level of Paramedic to Expedition Physician who specializes in travel, expedition and remote medical care. All of our healthcare providers are licensed in the USA and specially trained in travel, expedition and emergency medicine. To visit our Accompaniment Page

  • 24/7 remote access to healthcare providers

Some travelers or expeditions would like an additional level of security on their trip but do not need to be accompanied by a healthcare provider. The opportunity to contact the Adventure Doc Clinic from anywhere in the world is the perfect solution for these adventurers. Our LINC (Location Independent Night/day Contact) service allows a traveler to have 24/7 access to a healthcare provider that specializes in travel and expedition medicine as well as general medical emergencies. We can advise you on anything ranging from fevers, blisters and tooth pain to communicating with the medical staff providing care for you in an international country and even assisting you with medical evacuation. You have a personal healthcare provider on 24/7 call, tending to your every need.

Customized medical kits:

Adventure Doc can advise what equipment should be carried in your medical kit and help customize it for your unique trip or adventure. This can range from a basic medical kit to treat common ailments such as traveler’s diarrhea or blisters to prescription medications, sterile equipment and advanced care items for remote environments. Through our 24/7 LINC (Location Independent Night/day Contact) service we have the ability to allow you to carry specialized medications to be used under the “real-time” advice of our travel and expedition health experts, by you in the field.

Adventure Doc Education

  • First aid and remote medical skills training

Adventure Doc Education offers classes, seminars and modules for those who work in remote, international and austere locations. Educational opportunities include wound care and suture skills, tropical medicine, advanced pharmacology, microbiology, TEMs (tactical emergency medicine), field water disinfection, primary care, sick call and urgent care medicine, pediatrics in remote locations, women’s health in remote locations and environmental medicine. For a full list of classes and opportunities please visit our website


Adventure Doc Consulting

  • Establishment of Casualty Evacuation Protocols (CAS-EVAC)

Designing and planning protocols for the evacuation of casualties to other medical facilities from virtually any site in the world utilizing a variety of transport methods

  • Medical directorship

Serving as Medical Director for your group’s medical department, facility or health care division. This can range from basic directorship to assuming full control, scheduling and quality control/improvement.

  • Design and implementation of patient care protocols

Establishing protocols for your staff to follow allows for highly improved patient care, omits errors and ensures the highes level of medical care possible.

  • Medical intelligence on endemic disease and mitigation

Adventure Doc monitors disease outbreaks, public health related news and political sitituations on a global level. We are able to impart this information to your group and advise you on the impacts this information might have on your organization.

  • Establishment of continuing medical education for staff

Medical education for your staff, delivered on-site or via web based technology and specifically tailored to medical providers working in international, remote and austere environments.

  • Design and construction of medical kits

Medical kits for individual team members, vehicles, remote areas of operation and field medical clinics that can also be pruchased through us and shipped anywhere in the world..

Adventure Doc Facilities 

  • Medical facility design and construction

Combining our exterienced team of medical doctors with architects who specialize in health care facilities, we can ensure your medical clinic, hospital or treatment center is designed and built to standards found in the developed world, regardless of location. From solutions that are highly portable to fixed clinics in international and remote locations we can provide a medical facility at any location on the planet, designed to fit your exact needs.


Adventure Doc Staffing

  • Health care provides to staff your medical facilities

Adventure Doc provides staffing solutions to international medical clinics in various locations around the world. From capital cities to remote outposts, Adventure Doc healthcare providers bring the highest level of experience, training and skill to any location on the planet.



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