The Adventure Doc Clinic is a full-service travel and expedition medicine clinic located in Tucson, Arizona. We are available for consultations by appointment only. To schedule an appointment or request more information please either call us at 520-664-7661 or email us. Please note that we are no longer accepting new individual patients. We are available for corporate, group or expedition consultations only.  Services we provide through our clinic include:

Pre-Travel Consultations

The Pre-travel consult with the Adventure Doc Clinic is a detailed and comprehensive event.  For approximately 1-2 hours you will discuss personally with our travel health experts about your destination, activities and medical needs.  Customized literature is prepared, a free travel health book is included, all questions and concerns are answered and every detail is covered. To learn more about this service visit our homepage

Post-Travel Consultations

Sometimes travelers come back sick. Unfortunately, most physicians are not familiar with diseases in returned travelers. The Adventure Doc Clinic is staffed with Travel Health professionals who specialize in urgent care, tropical medicine and primary care. To learn more about this service please visit our homepage

Vaccines and Immunizations

Our clinic offers a full range of travel related vaccines such as Yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid and booster vaccines for certain travelers. For a complete list of our vaccines please visit our vaccine homepage

Travel Medications and Prescriptions

Unlike most other travel clinics, we are able to offer your consultation, your vaccines and prescriptions all in one service. All Adventure Doc Clinic providers have full prescription writing ability for all necessary medications you might require.

Travel Health Related Merchandise

Our clinic stocks only the items we feel are the best on the market. From insect repellents and sun blocks to mosquito netting and first aid kits, we only offer our patients the most superior items available.

To contact Adventure Doc Clinic:

Phone: 1-520-664-7661



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