Facilities & Staffing

Adventure Doc Facilities

Adventure Doc Facilities can help you build your own, private medical facility at any location on the planet.

Combining our exterienced team of medical doctors with architects who specialize in health care facilities, we can ensure your medical clinic, hospital or treatment center is designed and built to standards found in the developed world, regardless of location. To learn more about Adventure Doc Facilities  please visit our website.


Adventure Doc Staffing

Adventure Doc provides staffing solutions to international medical clinics in various locations around the world. From capital cities to remote outposts, Adventure Doc healthcare providers bring the highest level of experience, training and skill to any location on the planet.

All of our health care providers are American Board Certified, Nationally Registered and personally selected for their unique medical skill sets as well as prior backgrounds. Adventure Doc Providers are experts at the provision of both emergency and primary care in international locations.

Adventure Doc is able to work with your existing staff to augment as needed, assume staffing duties entirely or simply provide respite. By being able to have providers perform for short term “locum tenens” services or work on an established schedule, we are able to fulfill your requirements.

The Adventure Doc Staffing solutions are highly customizable. Ranging from a turn-key solution whereby we ensure medical malpractice coverage, equipment and medicine inventory to simple addition of provider shifts, the level of services offered is limited only by your needs.

To learn more about Adventure Doc Staffing please visit our website


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